iOS App won't display String labels delimited with \n

Hi all,
since I don’t know where or how to file a bug report I decided to at least post it here.

After my post:

I think it’s safe to say I found what is appear to be a bug in the iOS OH App (version 2.4.20).
When a String item contains a string delimited by \n it won’t show it in the app, but all other sitemap clients will show it correctly (such as BasicUI and the Android App).

Let me explain.
sitemap line:

Text        item=TestString       label="Test String [%s]"

A string like this: "Just a testing string!\n"
would not show in the iOS App but would show in the other interfaces.

Hope I explained it correctly and that the post is in the right place.
Whoever is responsible for the App- thank you all for all the hard work, hope my finding helps.


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You can check if it’s listed in the open issues in GitHub. If it’s not, you can report it there yourself. It’s also possible that this will be related to another open issue, in which case you can just add your findings to the existing report.

Hi rpwong, thank you for the pointer.
I couldn’t find it in any of the open issues so I opened a new one.

Thank you!!

Mmm should I mark this conversion as “solved”?

I wouldn’t worry about it, since this is mor of a discussion than a problem/solution. If you do submit it and the bug gets fixed, you can always post the result here and mark that as a solution.

Thank you very much!! :slightly_smiling_face: