IOS shows "Basic auth failed" on loading Grafana panel

I’using OH2 and I included a Grafana graph in the sitemap:
Webview url=“http://oh2:3000/dashboard-solo/db/p1prodcons?orgId=1&panelId=1&theme=light” height=12

It works perfectly good in the browser, both on PC and iPhone. But in the app I get the error:
{'message" : “Basic auth failed”}

I tried adding the credentials (user:pass@) no change.
Other Webview is rendered without issues (IP camera through zoneminder)

Any ideas what may be causing this??

turns out a setting in the grafana.ini caused this effect.
turn off basic authentication:

enabled = false

restart grafana

systemctl restart grafana-server.service


Thanks for sharing, works fine for me as well.


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Helped me as well, thank you!

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I have the same problem and this solution didn’t work for me.
It may be something else, but I don’t know what. Can you help me?

I solved the problem. I forgot to remove the ; for enabled = false

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