Is here anyone using Volumio?

I am currently working on a binding for volumio2. I am not affiliated with this project and just a user of it. Volumio is a bit like DIY Sonos for Raspberry Pi.

If anyone here is interested in testing my binding, I would like to share it.

At the moment I support the basic functionality like current title/album/coverart and playback controls.


Hello Patrick,

i’m using Volumio 2 on an raspberry 2
Would be great to test this binding.


Perfect… I will try to provide you a jar as soon as possible. If your comfortable with compiling binding for openhab you could even checkout my binding from

On which platform are you running openhab?

Compiling, not yet :frowning:

I’m using openhab 2 on rpi (OpenHABian)

Sounds good. So I will try to provide you a jar and some instructions tomorrow. But keep in mind… it´s “work in progress”

I’m used to “work in process” as I’m developing for fun, too. :slight_smile:

You can find the currently snapshot release here…

To install the binding you need to copy it to your raspberry and open the karaf console. Then hit

install file:///tmp/org.openhab.binding.volumio2-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

for example… you will receive a bundle id as a result…

start ###

Where ### is the bundle id. This should activate the bundle/binding and you should be able to find the volumio device in your inbox on paper ui…

hope it works :wink:

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This may be a stupid question, but why not just use the MPD binding? From memory Volumio includes the MPD and MPC daemons.

That´s true… and I actually tried the MPD binding… but MPD does not support all of the features Volumio offers…

I hope I will be available to get multiroom and the other volumio stuff to work… and it´s a way for me to learn building openHAB bindings :wink:

Btw I found some problems with the binding… I will need to do some fixing… at the moment it´s working quite slow… but it works fine on my mac…

Updated the jar file on github. The new version is much quicker and does not block the initialize phase of the binding.

I’ve learned now that there has to be a uninstall ### first for the new version :slight_smile:

It immediately finds my volumio. Will now create some items and test.

EDIT: Playing music but my items aren’t updated.

I’ve createt these:

String Volumio_Title “Volumio Titel” {channel=“volumio2:volumio2_thing:a5996cf3-da4e-420b-be11-c65f530360cf:title”}
String Volumio_Artist “Volumio Künstler” {channel=“volumio2:volumio2_thing:a5996cf3-da4e-420b-be11-c65f530360cf:artist”}

The thing is marked as online. So does the openhab logfile say…

Hi Thomas,

here is my configuration… It works in BasicUI and ClassicUI. What kind of media are you listening to? Webradio?


Thing volumio2:volumio2_thing:c434bb11-f813-461b-a239-88f9c07aaac0 "Volumio" [ hostname="" ]


String   kI_Volumio_Title       "Title: [%s]"                   (kI)   { channel="volumio2:volumio2_thing:c434bb11-f813-461b-a239-88f9c07aaac0:title" }
String   kI_Volumio_Artist      "Artist: [%s]"                  (kI)   { channel="volumio2:volumio2_thing:c434bb11-f813-461b-a239-88f9c07aaac0:artist" }
String   kI_Volumio_Album       "Album: [%s]"                   (kI)   { channel="volumio2:volumio2_thing:c434bb11-f813-461b-a239-88f9c07aaac0:album" }
Dimmer   kI_Volumio_Volume      "Volume"         <soundvolume>  (kI)   { channel="volumio2:volumio2_thing:c434bb11-f813-461b-a239-88f9c07aaac0:volume" }
Player   kI_Volumio_Player      "Player"                        (kI)   { channel="volumio2:volumio2_thing:c434bb11-f813-461b-a239-88f9c07aaac0:player" }


Text label="Volumio KĂĽche" icon="settings" {
                Text item=kI_Volumio_Title
                Text item=kI_Volumio_Album
                Text item=kI_Volumio_Artist
                Slider item=kI_Volumio_Volume
                Default item=kI_Volumio_Player

you could try to activate the debug logging on the binding…

osgi > log:set debug org.openhab.binding.volumio2

Ok I’ve changed from volumio (known in DNS and was marked in openhab as online) to IP

Now it shows the title and artist. But volumio is marked offline :slight_smile:

Spotify title and artist is shown correct, too

Was this a dns volumio.localdomain or zeroconf name like volumio.local. Anyway… it should work both. I will try to spend some time at the discovery site… maybe there´s the problem.

Thanks for testing… btw. coverArt is also implemented… but it´s only shown by paperUI at the moment. Couldn´t get it to work in classic or basic.

Plan on installing openhab 2 on my synology box soon and already use volumio 2. You have just given me more incentive to get it working.

Looking forward to it

@Unthred :slight_smile: … thanks

@skeal Found the problem for the offline “Thing” Problem. The reason is, I am throwing an exception and catch it with an thing status offline. I really need to refactor a few parts to make it a bit cleaner… I will try to get it done by the end of this week. At least I hope so… I am on a business trip… and my volumio device is at home…

Just uploaded a new jar to github… I think I´ve fixed this issues with the offline item and it´s working quite stable on my environment. Please try the new release and give me some feedback.

It should work much more stable now.

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@skeal Did you already had the chance to test the new version?

Not yet. Will do this evening. But thanks for your work