Is here anyone using Volumio?

Seems that two posts before … the linked .jar are fro OH3.
I‘m looking for OH2.

I tried to upgrade my oh2 to oh3 … but all my my oh2 Habpanels could be used anymore and it tooks me long time to build all the stuff new.

If you look for OH2, just take a look here:

meanwhile i installed a OH3 instance and binding works.
Play, Stop … using OH3 works … but when i use Play, Stop using volumio ui … the state in OH3 is not update.

Same using volume …

So the binding is useless for me. Is there a way to update the values in OH3 from current states in volumio?

In log i found this error:
[ERROR] [ng.volumio2.internal.Volumio2Handler] - Could not refresh channel: JSONObject[“album”] is not a string.



Hello Jürgen, yes this is right. I can confirm, that you can control the volumio with OH but not vice versa. I don’t really know if this is since Volumio 3, or if this bug existed before because I only control the volumio with the OH.
The error in the log has nothing to do with this bug.
Best Regards Chris

But in this case … the binding is useless for me and I will uninstall it.


Since the 3.1 addon do not work anymore on 3.2, I have build a new version for openhab 3.2.

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I have build a new version for openhab 3.4.0

Hello is ther a volumio binding for volumio 3?

Hi Milo,

I don’t think so, or better, I didn’t hear about it. Personally, I don’t develop for Volumio 3, because of the new force to create a volumio acount.
Don’t like is very much.

Best regards

@stargazer74 I tried to recompile the binding on my machine but i get this error[51,14] The public type Volumio2Handler must be defined in its own file

Any help how you get it compiled?

If i hear a internet radio I always get this error

[ERROR] [ng.volumio2.internal.Volumio2Handler] - Could not refresh channel: JSONObject["album"] is not a string.

If i check volume rest API I see


May be you can correct this with a simple if else clause :slight_smile:

Is there a OH4.0 version?