Is OH2 ready for noobies? Where do we start?

Hi, I am trying to start with OH2.
Got it running but obviously lost after that.
But now I am curious if OH2 is actually ready to be used.
Should I leave it and start with OH1.
And a couple of years later I can upgrade to UH2.

OH 2 is ready to be used but it is in beta and the documentation effort is still pretty early on. So if you are OK with debugging and figuring things out from forum postings and asking questions OH 2 is good choice. Otherwise, know that OH 2 is compatible with OH 1 configurations so anything you do with OH 1 should transfer to OH 2.

And it should be a years wait. I suspect OH 2 will be officially released sometime this year.

I was a complete noob to openHAB at the beginning of the year, and now have OH2 running to meet most of my needs (and the things that don’t work didn’t work in OH1 either). What I did was to install and configure 1.8, with its more-complete documentation, and then migrate to OH2 so all I had to figure out were the differences, rather than starting from scratch and simultaneously having to figure out the documented way to do things AND the differences in OH2.

As I understand, authentication is not available yet in OH2. That’s a major deal-breaker for me. Yes, you can connect through my.openhab, but I’ve found that to be very unreliable.

Is available in OH1?

OH 1 has username and password authentication which can by completely disabled, enabled only for external connections (i.e. requests not from the LAN) or for all connections (note: my.openhab is incompatible with this setting).