Is the Bility LED ceiling panel supported (WiZ lamp)

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I’m looking into buying a LED panel and the Bility LED ceiling panel from Brilliant caught my attention:

The only way to control is via the WiZ app. I don’t want to be dependent on proprietary software when using this lamp. Can I use openHAB for this?

I’ve read this thread, but as I understand it, there is currently no official support and the current support is rather limited. I’ve also looked at the add-on site in the wiki. Unfortunately I can only post two links.

Generally, how do I find out, if a certain lamp is supported? Is there a list?

I’m sorry, if this question does not belong here. I’m new, so be kind. I’ve tried my best to do my research.

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I would assume that if the device can be controlled locally with the WiZ app then it should also accept commands from the binding, but I really don’t know. I’ve only tested with the WiZ bulbs available in the US from HomeDepot. I don’t remember anyone mentioning any lights without direct WiZ branding on the main thread, either. I have not kept a list. Everything has been reverse engineered; the one time I tried contacting WiZ support to even get protocol documentation from them they were not at all willing to help. The US WiZ branded full color, tunable white, dimmable, and simple plugs all follow basically the same set of local commands. I assume that WiZ wouldn’t make their own lives harder by supporting separate command sets, but I don’t know.

My biggest concern in buying them would be that the light uses the WiZ cloud connection but not the local UDP connection. The binding uses local UDP commands to find and communicate with the bulbs and never talks to the WiZ (AWS) servers at all. If the light for some reason has the local network disabled, it wouldn’t work. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty expensive light to get without knowing it will work. :frowning: The bulbs I’ve bought were all <$15US.

Hello Sara,

Thank you for your quick and helpful reply :slight_smile: First of all I am able to get the lamp for much less than the listing price.

Thank you for the information about the central server. I don’t think that this is compliant with GDPR and is another concern for me. I very much like the design of the lamp though :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean by that? What is the main thread? What is direct WiZ branding for you? Is the shown light directly branded?

WiZ lights need access to those servers or otherwise it would not accept UDP connections? My current plan (again I’m new to smart home and openHAB) was to create a local WiFi network/hotspot with a Raspberry Pi which is not connected to the internet.

Again thank your for your help :slight_smile:

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Oops, sorry I was confusing!

By the “main thread” I just meant the same thread you referenced. The one I started about the overhaul of this binding.

The bulbs I got were Phillips WiZ and matched with what is listed on the WiZ website. (WiZ | Consumer | Products). Several others have either mentioned Home Depot or Cosco, so they’re from the same group.

I honestly don’t know if the bulbs need to be connected to the WiZ servers to work. I’ve never tried to cut off their ability to call home. I would assume that since they’re sold in regions where it applies that everything is GDPR compliant. In the same way, if it says “WiZ” on it and uses the app, I’d assume it works with this binding. But I don’t know.

For what it’s worth, the WiZ app is quite nice. It’s my favorite app of all of the various smart home device apps I’ve used. I really like the “rhythms” feature that you can set to gradually adjust color temperatures throughout the day. And there are some functions that you definitely do need the app for - like the initial WiFi setup and everything related to energy monitoring. I never figured out how to get the energy numbers and I didn’t even try the WiFi setup. I was also never 100% satisfied with adjusting the colors from openHAB. I had a really hard time figuring out how to translate between the openHAB color channels and the ones the bulb uses. The colors do work from openHAB, but it doesn’t quite match what you’d get with the WiZ app.