Is the management of user roles in the karaf framework using jaas useful?

Hi everyone,

I have already post this question in this post, but I ask it again here because it was not enough clear in the previous post.

I actually implement the command to add/remove/change a role of a user in OpenHAB in the class at the location
and in the bundle:
as requested in this issue.

However, in the karaf framework for the command jaas (Java Authentication and Authorization Service), there is the command jaas:group-add, jaas:role-add, etc. as shown in the image below:

I wonder if it is necessary that I implement the necessary modules for the jaas: command in the karaf console too?

Can someone confirm if it is necessary or useful to implement the modules to add/remove roles in the karaf framework too? Explain if it is more secure to do it with the jaas ? Explain why if not, and if it is enough to only implement it in the bundle

Thank you,

Nicolas Gennart.

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