Implementation of functions to magane the roles in the karaf console

Hi everyone,

As mentioned in this post I am trying to implement the functions to manage user roles in the karaf console as requested in this open issue.

But I have a problem and a question.

My problem is that when I run my modification with the OpenHAB distro project I get the following errors in the OpenHAB log:tail command:

And when I restart the bundle I modified, it shows :

In this post in stackoverflow he explains that it is due to my package version but it is strange because all my packages (yar files) have version 3.3.0-SNAPSHOT and when I build my bundles with mvn clean install, everything is built successfully… Does anyone know what the problem is?

My question is :
I saw in the openhab console that there are the following commands with jaas (Java Authentication and Authorization Service):

So there is already a command to add a role, remove a role, … but these commands are not implemented yet? Actually, I implement these commands in the openhab:users command and not in jaas. Can I implement these commands in openhab:users? If not, in which file should I implement these commands if it is with jaas?

I hope someone can help me.

Thank you,

Nicolas Gennart.

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