Is there a built-in node-red in openhab like home assistant?

Is there a built-in node red in openhab like home assistant

thank you

Yes it is in openhabian

Check this for an explanation:

I mean, nod-red isn’t in add-on

NodeRed has an openHAB add-on that people use to integrate openHAB with NodeRed. There is no NodeRed add-on for OH because there is no need to have an add-on in both places.

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As @lampy mentioned you can add this via openhabian-config tool. If you didn’t install OH via the openhabian image you can add it per the doc’s.

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Any idea who has written the openhab nodes for Node-red?
Am curious to see if more could be made.

There are a few more HA nodes (15) available in Node red, and really useful ones like the wait until node.
Only 5 openhab Nodes.

I’m definitely a fan of openhab2.
Probably unfair of me requesting the same facilities of HA, which does have quite a few more contributors?!

As a platform HA isn’t stable or flexible enough. Which is why I’m trying OH2 btw.

At current glance. OH is being a superior platform to HA.
It does seem like a less loved cousin (Development wise),

You can find more info and the maintainer in these to links.
I use nodered as my rule engine since 2017 when I started working with openhab and it worked until now pretty stable.

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Big fan of node red too! I’ve found it solid thus far :+1: