Is there a way to mass-add Things to an Equipment in a Model?

So I have structured my model like this
House → Floor → Room → Sensor/Temperature/Battery etc.

I have been adding all the homeatic stuff manually n individually because I didn’t find an option where I could f.e. add the “low battery” Thing from all the devices into the battery model at once.

Is this possible?

Not really but also this sounds like what you want to do isn’t supported by the semantic model anyway.

The semantic model represents the physical layout of your home automation. Nothing can physically be in two places at once. Nothing can be a part of two pieces of equipment at once. So the semantic model does not support any Item being a member of more than one semantically tagged Group. If you try, it will break the model.

So in this case, you don’t physically have an AllBatteries equipment. You have a bunch of sensors that each individually have batteries.

If you want to see a summary of the level of all your batteries, that’s what the Properties tab is for. You’ll have a separate card that includes all your “low battery” Items.

Or on the Overview tab you can add a widget like

This is why the general workflow is to go to a Thing, which almost always reflects a single physical device, and use “Create equipment from Thing” to create all the Items at once and situate it into the model. There is also the “Add Points to model” which lets you add the Items linked to the Things Channels to an already existing Equipment.

Shoot, so I’ve been doing it wrong for a while haha.
I added all these things to the rooms and then saw them on the home screen under “locations” or “equipment” and thought thats how it works.

Thanks for clearing it up!