Is there an Network community as great as this for smarthome?

I’m a big fan of this community… I’ve never get great answers and solution this fast…

I am now looking for answers in the area of networks / internet.

specifically, I want to reach my synology NAS on the Internet … I want to reach it manually and not by quickconnect … the NAS is behind a Unitymedia connect box …

does anyone know a forum in which such a question is answered?

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Can you get a VPN connection to your router?

I have a Fritzbox that makes the process fairly easy.

Alternatively to VPN have a look at services like localxpose.
Of course you need to take care of security.

You could also use the vpn server package of synology with for example Openvpn. Take care of the security, but it does work like a charm.

The Unitymedia connect box can be a pain in itself though :frowning:

to answer your question
NO… this community rocks!!!
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you know

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