Is this 2ch relay from WeLink app work with openhub3? - I find this 2ch relay on Ali. Want use it for control my valve, but i don’t know, can i connect it to OH3 via wifi?

I’ve just released a binding for ewelink so high possibility it is already integrated and will work even if not listed. If not I can add it for you.

See here:

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Hi, thx for your work!!! Now i have another EWelink relay 30A Wifi Relay Switch AC 110V 220V 1CH DIY Automation Modules Smart Home Receiver and Universal Ev1527 433MHz RF Transceiver|Home Automation Modules| - AliExpress and i can’t connect it to OH3 also… Maybe we can add it for testing in ‘Discovery Response’ menu? Can you give me step by step instruction how open logs mode and what information you need from logs?

PS I’m new here

1: add the binding found here:

2: log into the console:

3: run this:

log:set debug org.openhab.binding.sonoff

4: Go to openhab ui -> things -> add and select sonoff binding and add an account thing with your credentials.

5: once the account thing has come online run discovery (search for things)

6: check the openhab.log file and there should be an entry ‘Discovery Response’ followed by some json. Copy this and hash out your username and password. Send it to me via pm. (please ensure you use code fences before you paste it so that it is readable.

ps… you have around 14 or 15 hours for me to include in the latest version as I’m not going to be able to get on for about a week after that. Otherwise i’ll include in the next build.

Hi sorry for a long reply I do as you say but inside a log, I didn’t see any “Discovery Response”, only saw this line

2021-02-21 19:14:21.917 [INFO ] [onoff.internal.handler.SwitchHandler] - Cannot send command, all connections are offline

what i do

  1. Add Sonoff Addon.
  2. set up Sonoff Account Thing, and it shows online.
  3. then I open sonoff bunding and do a scan.
  4. from the first time, it find device (that I add inside eWelink).
  5. successfully add this device and it show also online (here are inside settings).
  6. add this device to the model and try to control switch, and nothing happens

Ill be releasing a new version very soon with a fix for this device, just doing some final bug testing. maybe tonight/ maybe tomorrow.

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super, will be waiting, thx for your work.

PS also i buy 2ch relay(from first message) when i get it i test it with addon.

New version uploaded. please read the readme as there are a lot of breaking changes, report any issues on the thread below:

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with this binding I successfully connect (discover with the scan )KTNNKG-01W and 2CH12VSJ02CSRF 2ch Relay and they are work!!!

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