Is Wiser by SE supported?

I’m curious about the Wiser by SE system from Schneider. Can we control it from Openhab? Anyone succeeded? According to their website, the system uses Zigbee 3.0. But I can not find any info or questions about it in the community, which makes me suspicious…

You have 2 options:

  1. if the devices use ZigBee, than you don’t need the wiser hub, install a ZigBee coordinate directly within openhab and connect your devices (either using the oh zigbee binding of zigbee2mqtt)

  2. if you want to keep your wiser hub, than you need to have a separate binding. Maybe look here if thats what you are talking about & will work for you

Which kind of devices are you considering buying?

First of all, the Wiser gateway is closed, and it seems like they would like to keep it that way. I don’t know if it has a local (closed) API, and in this case if anyone has been able to reverse engineer it. I definitely wouldn’t buy such a gateway, unless you are planning to use it as an expensive way to firmware upgrade devices or you are willing to use it for reverse engineering.

As @Matze0211 mentioned, being almost compatible to ZigBee 3.0 there are other ways of integrating the devices. I have currently some LK Fuga Wiser dimmers connected to my Philips Hue bridge. This dimmer acts as a simple dimmable light, yet they still managed to break compatibility. As a result, you cannot turn off the light from the Philips Hue app or many other apps/integrations. I investigated this a year ago and found out that it’s possible through the API with a small tweak:

So in openHAB when using the Hue binding, it will work, as we have a work-around is implemented.

Unfortunately the same trick can’t be used with the double relay. So I bought a ConBee II and now have deCONZ running on a separate Raspberry Pi. This works really well, and I’m still considering whether to migrate more or my lightning. I also purchased some LK Wiser wall sockets which are integrated through deCONZ and the openHAB deCONZ binding. This binding uses web socket, so it gets real-time push messages, and power consumption is instantly updated. Also quite happy with that solution.

ZigBee binding or zigbee2mqtt could also be options to try out. Personally I would probably consider zigbee2mqtt (or deCONZ) before the ZigBee binding, as it is decoupled and gives you more options to integrate, i.e. not only with openHAB. Also these projects are quite active on GitHub.

I am using the Iconic Clipsal devices here in NZ (still the Wiser brand) with the OH Zigbee binding.

I’ve also tested a number of other Schneider devices for a customer in the EU (although not directly with the OH Zigbee binding) so these should all work fine. (the testing I did uses the same Zigbee library the binding uses - just for a commercial system).

These devices do have some custom functionality for setting the LED status and some internal functions, but the main function is standard Zigbee.

Thank you for the answers!
I have Schneider Exxact wall sockets and switches throughout the house and behind some of the switches I have z-wave pucks. So I thought it would be nice to replace some or all of them with these instead if they can be controlled from Openhab.
I might give it a try and buy a Zigbee controller and a switch to test.