Islamic prayers

Is there an interest in rules, items and scripts for Islamic prayer times?
I have a working configuration with a raspi connected to the TV for playing the adhan at the correct times and other related niceties.

I say just post them. People will find it and use it. Tutorials like that drive this community.

If you ask first you won’t get any response. If you just post it you will get likes and questions and suggestions for improvement. So post away! :grin:


Thanks. I thought I would anyway.
Question for you
How do you prepare and edit long articles?
Because I won’t be able to write this one down in one sitting

15 items
5 or 6 rules
2 python scripts
1 satellite raspberry
And the explanation to rule them all

You should be able to use any editor that supports Markdown - then just paste it in to the forum.

Don’t hesitate to post [work in progress] tutorials, even if they’re incomplete solutions. I’ve done that with some of mine, and just edit them as I make it through the next steps. Just edit the top post, and add a reply below, to bring the post up to the top and notify the community/watchers that you’ve made an update…Another bonus is, you will find people who share the need and can even help you improve the article/solution!

BTW, if you use VSCode for your OH config, it also has a markdown editor/browser, so you can preview your write-up as @chris suggested above.

Follow Chris and Bartus’s suggestion for an editor, though I will admit I just use the composers box on the forum. I rarely set out to write a long post. They just sort of happen.

Content wise I try to break it up logically. Interested what the purpose of the past/tutorial is. Be sure to describe the problem well. Then describe the overall concept of your approach to solving the problem. Finally present the details of your solution.

Look at some of the DPs I’ve just rewritten this week for examples of that approach.

Another approach can be a kind of build log/journal where I describe what I’m trying to do then record the notes of what I’m doing as I’m doing it. Once I’m done I may go back and reedit the post to make it flow better. My reelyActive tutorials and my still in progress Google AIY tutorial Tasker this form.

Over all, my biggest recommendation is to just get it all work down. Then edit it a couple of times. A structure will likely present itself.

@rlkoshak, @chris, @bartus
I am writing the tutorial using stackedit

Check it out.


UML support? I’m really going to have to check this out. Thanks.

Hi Vzorglub,
I for one would be very interested in getting this working.

I would very much appreciate a step-by step tutorial if possible (being a relative novice).

Many thanks for all your hard work, especially in this blessed month.