Issue after upgrade to latest milestone 2.5

The latest testing release is now release candidate 1. Only critical issues will be addressed before the 2.5 release on December 15.

Where do you use to see new release and when it will be available?

There was another posting by Kai saying the next release will be 3.0

How can I chosse for example between 5 to 6? I don’t know which one i’m currently running as we have this infor from console

Build #1774

You are on the snapshot releases. You need to switch to the testing releases if you want to test a milestone or release candidate version. If you are using openHABian there is an option in openhabian-config to change the release that get’s installed. If not, see the installation instructions for your OS for how to install each individual release. Here’s the instructions for Linux:

If you are not pretty technically capable and are not willing to test to look for and then file issues when you find bug, you should not be running the snapshots.

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Is now the correct release for no expetr right? openHAB 2.5.0~RC1-1 (Milestone Build)

That is the latest testing build. The next version will be the stable 2.5 released on Sunday.

DEar Collegaues,

may you know how to jump to version 2.5 M4 and not latest milestone?

@mvo See doc here