Item for list of dynamic items

Hey everyone,

I’ve made a DIY smart lamp (homie MQTT), and I would like to get it to wake me up by slowly turning on in the mornings. Ideally, I would like a display on openHab much like an alarm app on a phone, with a scrollable list of alarms, a new alarm button and a couple of options for each alarm.

I’m new to openHab, but looking at items, rules etc, it seems like most concept apply to a fix number of items, not an expanding list, but I easily could have missed something.

How to do you think would be best to implement this?

Also, if there isn’t a good way to implement this, do you think it’s something people would want? I’m a developer, and if I and others want it, I would think about extending openHab.


openHAB currently has few useful tools for complex schedules, it’s a reconized shortcoming…
But you will find threads here to get started.

Or use an external service like GCAL / Caldav
or something like