Item labeling for locations and properties tab in OH3

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I’m trying to find my way through the new OH3 interface. I came to the point where I didn’t really know how to correctly name the item labels to get an intuitive way of using the default home screen in OH3.

E.g. I got a temperature item in the office. The item is labeled Temperatur. This makes sense for the Locations tab but it doesn’t make sense for the properties tab, which groups all the semantically tagged temperature items together. In this screen I would have a ton of Temperatur items only differentiated by the item name. (which has a namespaced name not really useful for the average joe user)

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Is there a solution for that problem?

Thank you very much!

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You need to make your Item name work in both places which will probably mean adding the location to the Item name. Also realize that you’ll need to select from that list of all the Temperatur labeled Items in other places too (developer sideboard, rules, etc.). You’ll need a way to distinguish between them there too.