Item status duration condition trigger?

I am not sure if this is persistence category, but I can think that may be one way to approach.

What I like to do is fairly simple.

When garage door is open for 1 hour, announce that to my Sonos speakers. Specially, I am using MyQ binding.

My version of OpenHAB3 is Milestone.

I can’t seem to find option in OpenHAB 3 Rule UI. Logically, what I need to use is persistent information.

What is the correct way of doing this in OpenHAB 3?

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Not really. You want something to happen after a time. Persistence doesn’t make anything happen, it just offers a look-up into the past.
You could keep looking to see if something happened an hour ago, but that’s a lot of pointless look-see.

Generally in openHABs event driven rule system, use a Timer for jobs like this.

Recent post using javascript rule

general guidance

You will have to write script in a rule to use timers, it goes beyond the point-n-click capability.

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Good to know. Thank you for the links.