It's a limitation of DALI protocol?


  Because I'm new in DALI protocol I want kindly to ask you if it's any limitation to control high voltage spotlight dimmable LEDs(G10 - 230V). I'm looking to use this protocol to control my home spotlights that are almost in all rooms. I saw a lot of  DALI dimmers that can dim only low voltage continue current (Vc) not 230 V Ac as my spotlight required.
  For my HOME automation project, I was thinking to combine KNX (for underfloor heating, sensors, switches ...) with DALI. 

Please let me know what it will a suitable solution in order to get a robust and reliable solution.
Thank you in advances,

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have a look at some forum posts:

maybe there’s some information in it.
Since DALI is not really an openHAB topic i’m afraid nobody could answer this question directly…
But looking at the threads above everybody is mentioning a DALI/KNX bridge. So if you want to know limitations, I think they either come from the KNX bridge or from DALI protocol itsels (i haven’t used any of those).
But maybe you can contact the people from the threads above if they can make suggestions for your DALI setup

Thank you very much for your suggestion.

No, there is no limitation in using DALI, or KNX. The only difference between the two is that one (KNX) has a dedicated binding, the other one does not, but you can always connect using http, or tcp bindings, according to your hardware interface to DALI.
You can control any type of light source using DALI, but you need the corresponding DALI driver for that.

Thank you for your answer.
Unfortunately I was looking for a corresponding driver (dimming light driver) to control a spotlight LED (220V) and I didn’t find anything. As I have mentioned before the outputs of the drivers are between 10 V and 100 V. Please let me know if I’m wrong and please give me some examples.

Thank you in advances

OSRAM HTI drivers (basically RLC dimmers),
TRIDONIC has also these type of drivers.
The drivers are nothing else but DALI controlled RLC phase cutting dimmers.
Be aware that your spotlights have to be phase cut dimmable (LE, or TE)

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‘Must’ you use Dali?

These Velbus 400w leading edge modules work well with some GU10 & E27 dimmerable LED lamps.

(Although, not all dimmerable 230v Lamps are born the same, I strongly advise testing the exact models you want to use with the dimmers you plan on using)

Alternatively, is there any solid reason why you can’t convert your light fittings to 12 or 24vdc and use any of the other dimming options out there?

Or, would you consider a DMX dimmer and use the DMX binding?

That’s the topic, why would he change it?

Because of a significant retrofit cost (I answered this for the OP’s initial requirement)

Just to have it written down:
It would also be possible to use a knx/dali gateway.
This is maybe not the cheapest solution, but one can configure a basic behavior within the knx installation, which will run even when openHAB crashed or is not available.
Addittionally one can put on some nice (advanced) automation logic on top through the knx binding.

Thank’s again

Unfortunately, I already have bought all the spotlights that’s why I’m looking for a solution for this voltage.
Why Dali? Because I sow that is a well-known lighting protocol that is easy to integrate with KNX (my touch switches will be from KNX).
I will have a look for your DMX recommendation …
Thank you


Of course that is easy to integrate, considering OP’s choices of building his system, this is the way to go.

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Oh I understand :slight_smile:

May I ask if you want / would be interested in functionality other than just button events from your switches / touch plates?

   I'm also interested to control the underfloor heating system, defrost some outside area during winter , security system and to integrate other types of sensors (PIR, light sensors ...)
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That sounds like a perfectly normal wish list for a new home :smile:

Do you want to do this on your own?
Do you understand the complexity of such systems, or are you just investigating based on some tinkering with some devices?
Please don’t be offended, but you are stretching a lot in terms of what you want to achieve (you started with lighting control and now you are talking about HVAC, defrosting systems, etc.- a whole different area of expertise and experience).
Thus, let’s be frank: either you open a new topic with regards to your “new” wishes, or you open a topic with the full requirements that you want and with specific questions about the openHAB realm!

Are you okay George?

I haven’t spoken to you in ages and you seem (by your wording) to be ‘on the edge’.

Perfectly fine! PM if there is any emergency!

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Yes! I want to do by my self. I have some experience with other protocols/ technology (z-wave, MQTT) and now I want to go to the next level that’s why I’m investigating based on some tinkering with some devices as you have mentioned before. It wasn’t my intent to extend the topic. I just answered to Stuart’s question regarding my farther plan.

Good luck! If there is any openHAB related issue, I am glad to help! Please keep it on topic, thank you.