Kia Uvo api


I have one Kia Soul EV eurooean market and I found a developer site for Kia but it’s in Korean (I beleive).

I can’t find any binding as of other brands but, I will try to ineract with the api via rules.

Is there anyone who have managed to figure out Kia uvo api endpoints?
First of all for loggin in and retreiving token, and ofcourse some endpoint to get started.

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Is this something that helps: GitHub - wcomartin/kiauvo: API Wrapper for Kia Uvo Service ?

I had a look at it earlier but in the docs it says N/A for euope and if that’s because it really doesn’t exist or because it’s just not yet reverese engineerd at all.

should work with GitHub - Hacksore/bluelinky: An unofficial nodejs API wrapper for Hyundai bluelink and Kia UVO
we need an bridge for openhab

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see also my thread here:

Presently I use node-red, which uses the bluelinky unofficial API wrapper to get information and trigger commands. A binding for openHAB would better of course! :wink:

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