KNX Binding crash's after a while -

i’m running openhab for a long time and it was always a stable system.
Now want to use KNX in the Backend to connect my PIR sensors to openHAB.

After sometimes my KNX binding/configuration stops working with many failures.
If i reboot the system or restart openHAB it works a again as expected.
But i don’t know how long it runs without failures.

I’m running openhab on a windows server and OH version 2.5.5,
i have tested the knx configuration via .things file and also in PaperUI.

I have tested and searched here so much, but nothing helps for me and my system.

This is my the IP Bridge things config:

The hardware is an "Gira 216800 IP Schnittstelle (the german product name:) ) "
The Gateway is online and in the ETS monitor i can see all the telegrams.

An example of my knx failures:

Please help me, i have no more ideas how to fix this problem.

thx a lot!

Hi there,
did you have a look into this?

Hy, thanks for your help!

I have also found this for a while and i tried it in the paper ui and in also via things file.
but it didn’t solved my problem.

And i didn’t found someone with the same gateway and a problem with openhab, it’s very popular on amazon so i don’t think the gateway is the problem. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Hi there,
I digged through my logs and also have some issues from time to time (in my case the thing gets “offline”, but immediately “online” again).

I remember getting “no confirmation reply” messages some time ago.

Can you tell me if;

  • your bridge thing gets offline in that case?
  • you’re familiar with openHAB’s console?

Edit: please have a look into this.