Knx binding in ROUTER mode

Hi together,

since the beginning with openHAB, I connected OH to my knx network in TUNNEL mode through my KNX Weinzierl IP Router 750. The interface supports up to 5 TUNNEL connections, so I’m fine with some other parallel test installations. But at the end of course I’m very interested in working with ROUTER mode.

My network hardware includes:

  • FritzBox 7490
  • FritzBox 4020
  • Netgear GS110 TP
  • Netgear GS724Tv4

So at the end my entire network should be prepared for multicast.

I enabled ROUTER mode in openhab.cfg with following entries:
knx:type=ROUTER knx:localIp= knx:ignorelocalevents=true

The localIp represents the IPv4 address of my openHAB server. This address I use also if I connect through TUNNEL mode.

Ok, when I start OH with ROUTER mode the connection will be established:
[INFO ] [b.k.i.connection.KNXConnection] - Established connection to KNX bus on in mode ROUTER.

But directly after I get flooded with following log entries:
WARN ] [.b.knx.internal.bus.KNXBinding] - Ignoring local Event, received from my local Source address 0.0.0 for Group address X/X/X

Now my question: Is this only a configuration problem of my switches? I know I can configure it with tons of IGMP settings and I tried already so enable IGMP, but it doesn’t work properly. To be honest - I don’t know which settings I have to enable in my Switches.

Is there someone out there, who is firm with this settings? Here are the two manuals of my switches:


O.K., after some more research, I found this topic: Issue 503

I think the described behavior is the same as @SuperOok wrote nearly 4 weeks ago.

So, if I interpreted this well, the behavior is ok and the only thing is, that the warning should be a debug information? Can someone confirm this?