KNX invalid frame , discarded

Hello everybody,
after having paused some years i just installed the openhab 3 and I am very impressed about the changes and the new frontend. Just amazing - Thanks a lot!

I installed on my PI3 an Weinzierl 838 kberry and have got it running, using the installation description from lo4dro in the knx member forum. Now I can see bus traffic using the knxtools.
For example:
knxtool vbusmonitor1 local:
“LPDU: BC 11 A3 1A 00 E1 00 00 0A :L_Data low from 1.1.163 to 3/2/0 hops: 06 T_DATA_XXX_REQ A_GroupValue_Read”

So it seems that the KNX-connection is working.

But in OPENHAB 3 with the KNX binding I have problems. The binding is online, but instead of getting the knx messages, I get always warnings “2021-02-27 14:33:46.569 [WARN ] [calimero.serial.ft12./dev/ttyAMA0 ] - invalid frame, discarded 38 bytes: 67 16 68 0c 0…”
This is coming in the same interval or after using an knx-switch etc… In the knxtool the output was understandable, but the binding seem to have problems with it.

I can post my configuration if needed. Does anyone have an idea what this can be?

Best regards,

Have you solved this problem?
I experience right now almost the same issue…


Sorry, but I Didn‘t got any answer, the problem is still not solved.What do you have now?
Best regards, Stefan

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I’m trying to follow up the suggestions from this thread:öffentlicher-bereich/knx-eib-forum/1344429-ungültige-frames-auf-dem-bus/page3
Still under investigation…

Dear Pirx,
this threat doesn´t have anything to do with my problem. I can see and get the information correct with the knxmonitor, but in Openhab on the same device the frames are not interpreted. I belive that this is an openhab error. I will try it again with a never release, perhaps it is solved by now.

Hi Stefan,
I have two knxd instances running. One with the USB Adapter from Busware ( and one with an IP Gateway from Hager. Both work fine.
The busware USB TPUART adapter is on a PI4.

With both instances I can connect using the openhab binding. I just posted parts of the knx.things configuration here: KNX Binding stopped working after power loss - #5 by Jonas88

Best regards