KNX module for openHAB knxd on RPi

Good afternoon (o;

As I wanted to move into the KNX world due to some demands in our company I would like to ask which modules would be supported in openHAB 3.

Saw this KNX Raspberry Pi module which talks via isolated UART:


Any other suggestions?

thanks in advance

AFAIK OH only talks to a gateway IP. So setting up knxd and the hardware is beyond its scope. You are probably better off going with a commercial gateway.


And the gateway costs a fortune…even a stupid power supply costs you an arm and a leg (o;

Dunno why KNX is still in use…but our company still insists to make products KNX compatible…

Was mainly a question out of curiosity as I saw the knxd daemon listed in openhabian-config…

Anyway…so far very satisfied with my move from homeassistant to openHAB :wink:

Well as openHABian maintainer I’d be interested in hearing about someone to use knxd, too. Just haven’t so far.

PS: last time I looked commercial gateways started at ~130€. Not a fortune in home automation, particularly not when you have already paid for your KNX installation.

Well that can be arranged :wink:

I work in an innovation department where I can order stuff as I like mostly :wink:

Do you have any pointers for inexpensive KNX IP gateways and PSUs availabe for shipping to .de|.ch ?

nope sorry. I have no KNX myself.

Ah okay…just thought that you mentioned the price of a gateway :wink:

Will dig into it myself then…and hopefully Thread evolves eventually next year (o;

MDT is known as a low price supplier for KNX gear. Search for their IP Interfaces.

Prices at Voltus are round about 150 €.

A KNX router is more expensive (e.g.: HAGER TH210 IP KNX Router online kaufen im Voltus Elektro Shop )

Only with a Router you can have OpenHAB accessing the KNX bus and for example the ETS at the same time. A simple Gateway is not so convenient in my opinion (for development at least).

However, now comes knxd into the game: KNXD can access a simple gateway and do the routing for you. So openhab and the ETS access knxd and knxd accesses the bus using the simple Gateway.

For a really cheap solution confirmed to work with knxd the busware adapter might be used:

It is possible to use a KNX IP Gateway for Openhab and ETS the same time. I use this one - EIB KNX IP Interface PoE, with up to 5 tunneling connections
It has five tunnels that can be used at the same time.