Kodi UI - Control Openhab from Kodi

I was wondering if anyone is using Koid as their Media Player and if there is a use case for using Kodi disolayed on your screen/TV and using your Remote control to monitor or control Openhab.

If you are how are you achieving that? - Via a browser addin on Kodi or some other method.

Does anyone have any experience with this Kodi plugin? GitHub - enishoca/openhab-kodi

Im not sure quite where to discuss this - In Kodi forums or here. (Or both)

Its always seemed a missed opportunity that I can control Openhab from Alexa and Mycroft but not from Kodi devices. Im aware that the various web based UIs are fully featured and to a degree a Kodi based interface might duplicate them.

What are people’s thoughts? Is there a gap in my knowledge and a solution that others are using?

see here: Kodi to control openhab?

and here: openHAB for Kodi

But I do not know if this still works.

Oh I don’t know how I missed those . Thanks. Ill have to check them out and report back.

On a more general basis what do you think about interfaces for Openhab on SmartTV devices? Are people keen to implement / use them?