Kostal Inverter (Plenticore plus 10 FW 01.42) no connection

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I´ve tried it before with my openhab 2.4;
The configuratio in paper UI looks a little bit different there.
I also was not able to establish a connection as I always got an error regarding a wrong index.

BR Stefan

Hi guys,

as I pointed out in my github issue (see https://github.com/openhab/openhab-addons/issues/7492), there is a known issue for Java with cryptographic settings for Java versions older than 1.8_u162. I found out that this actually makes the authentication code crash. The code itself is correct, only the Java runtime settings are broken.

You are welcomed to join the issue discussion on GitHub.

Best wishes


Problem is solved!

Just updated the java on my PI via the openhab-config tool. (1.8.0_152 -> 1.8.0_252)

THX for the help and the hint!