Kostal PIKO 5.5 New Generation

Maybe someone can help me.
Have Piko 5.5 latest generation and would like to integrate it into Openhab…but don’t want to…see the picture!


afaik you have to chose the correct thing type (not generic kostal inverter but pico iq 5.5). In addition, with third generation hardware omit http.// for the url (i.e. url =, not

Hello Thanks


That does not work either…

Got this WR


Maybe @Basse_03 has some clues…

Seems it’s a second gen device, so try PIKO 10-20 and PIKO NEW GENERATION instead (now with http://)

It’s seems to be an inverter of Second Generation Type, so Please, use the PIKO 10-20 part of the binding.
See, Kostal Binding can not use things for PICO10 in openhab3 - #77 by Basse_03 for some more help.
And as usual, Please , let me know about the result.
Br Basse

Hello @Basse_03

Unfortunately it doesn’t work either…

What else can I do??

Please, try as below

Another thing you can try is to in an Web-browser do like:
http://‘Inverter-IP’/api/dxs.json?dxsEntries=83888128 //Self Consumption
http://‘Inverter-IP’/api/dxs.json?dxsEntries=83886336 //Home Consumption PV
http://‘Inverter-IP’/api/dxs.json?dxsEntries=83886592 //Home Consumption Bat
http://‘Inverter-IP’/api/dxs.json?dxsEntries=83886848 //Home Consumption Grid

then should you get the value back for each dxsEntries.

I have tried so far…
http://‘x.x.x.x’/api/dxs.json?dxsEntries=83888128 //Self Consumption
and so
http://x.x.x.x/api/dxs.json?dxsEntries=83888128 // Self Consumption
The inverter is OFF
bad weather

Sorry, it should be like:
// Self Consumption is the name of the value you should see returned

In mine, will it be like:

and the answer from the inverter is like:


That is den Answer


But what should I enter in openhab3 now??

That’s great so far, now we know you shall use the Kostal PIKO 10-20 part and that the inverter answer as expected.

Now try to make a new Thing as Kostal PIKO 10-20 with configuration as below.

hmm don’t want to!

Lets try a longshot,
Delete the existing Thing Kostal PIKO 10-20 / Restart OH3 / Install Kostal PIKO 10-20 again.
Are you familiar with the karaf-console?

Thank you

I’ll get the latest software for the Kostal, then we’ll see… I’ll get back to you.

Thank you

Oki, no hurry!

Hello, the Piko is running now and I’m getting data.

I am looking for icons for my inverter Piko 5.5 where you can then display their values ​​or display them graphically.

Yaml Data



I mean widgets…


Hi, Great !!!, with the Piko running I mean.
Hope you find/found some icons/widgets you can use.

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