Lenovo TAB 10 as HABPanel and Wall mount

In the Netherlands it is possible to purchase a Lenovo TAB 10 for little bit more than 110 euro, seems to me like a perfect tablet for the HABPanel. Main question I’ve is how to get a wall mount for this tablet? Any suggestions?

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you got a 3d printer?
I printed some mounts that look incredibly similar to these:

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Nope, no 3D printer here :frowning:

try searching you local ebay for “dockem”
they should look likes those in my previous link. i used 3d printed mounts similar to those and they work great.

Î use a Vogel’s tablet mount with a teclast P10 tablet. It looks reasonably discrete. Not very cheap though. Also check out the fully kiosk browser. It is perfect for use with hab panel. It can do motion detection with the camera, and you can make special links to launch other apps from habpanel.

That’s really nice! Could you please share the 3d print files? I would like to make one!

Check this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3191874 the frame really looks slim :slight_smile:

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I am using normal picture frames to mount my tablets. Upstairs there is a 7" Lenovo Tab and downstairs a 10" FireHD 10.
There are a lot of online shops where you can buy a frame with the measures you need.


Wauw, that is also a good idee, looking good. How do connect the frame to the table?

The normal way you fix a picture in a frame. There is a plate you can fix behind the tablet. That is really easy.

You only have to be sure that the frame is deep enough. I bought mine here: (don’t know where are you from)

Ordered them 3mm higher and wider than the tablet is. And i drilled a small hole in it where the Power Button is to push it ( you can see this small red thing on the right side at the black one)

Interesting, so you designed (size) the picture frame your self through that web-shop. Clear. Thanks. I’m from the Netherlands, need to check if they have this in my area as well.

i think that’s the one i used. having a heck of a time finding it for sure but i’m fairly certain this is it

scratch that, i found the one i actually used and like much better

sorry, off topic question: how to have the temperature “blue circle” in interface? can you send me a pm on where to find this habpanel skin?


that’s the “knob” widget that’s already built in. search around, there’s some posts detailing how it works. it’s an awesome way to display information.

@Boogieman, aren’t your tablets less than 20cm high? I checked and the minimum frame size you can order is 20cm x 20cm :(.

No, i ordered the Pisa Frame at the linked page in size 26,5 x 16,2 cm for a Amazon Fire HD 10.

Hi This looks great - how have you done the little navigation bar down the left? Would love something like that.

I’ve build one myself. You don’t need special tools and the principle can be used for all tablet sizes.
Have a look here