LG WEBOS TV ON/OFF Status update

Hello, I have 4 LG TVs with WEBOS and I can control the ON/OFF with openhab fine. But sometimes someone manually turns a set on or offand openhab doesn’t reflect the status change. i thought of doing a cron to check the tv status every 15 min’s and update the TVxPower item with
LGTV1power.postUpdate(xxx). but have not found a simple way to do it. Can anyone provide some insight on how to do it.

I use the network binding for some devices
The on/off for the samsumg tv binding wasn’t very reliable. A bit like you describe above.
So I used the network binding instead.

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can you provide a sample of what you did.

Install the Network Binding
Add a thing (PaperUI auto discovery)
Locate the TV
Link a switch item to the Online Channel

Hi all,
I was struggling with the same problem with my LG TV and I recently had a breakthrough using the App Launcher channel of the binding, so far it’s working pretty good.

I described my insights here:
An Insight on detecting TV power state reliably

Hope it helps.