Lidl Livarno Lux E27 bulb CCT (HG06492C) no exploitable channel


I appreciate, it’s not good practice to double publish a question/request for help, but this topic

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I cannot solve the problem of adding this device via zigbee2mqtt to openhab.

The devise exposes all kinds of topics:

But once I create the z2m Thing it’s reduced to one channel for the link quality and one (Trigger ???) channel for Color:

So far, so surprising.

However, I cannot create any item based on that trigger channel, as - for starters - there is no selectable profile.

Not even sure, how the trigger channel would actually do all the switching, dimming and color changing, as creating the Itemfirst and the trying to link it back to the trigger channel, doesn’t work neither.

Any help?

Still struggling with including the above into my zigbee2mqtt binding via Sonoff Zigbee Dongle Plus.
My setup is:
Raspberry 4B, Openhab 3.2.0, zigbee2mqtt binding, zigebee binging, knx binding, mosqitto (on same raspberry), zigbee2mqtt (on same raspberry).

I’m not smart enough to decode the z2m log messages. but the only channel that will appear using that binding is the mentioned ‘trigger channel’.

I tried to use the zigbee binding, with a different usb dongl (popp). In that case, the channel works great, appears as a color channel, inheriting switch, dim etc.

So why not use that? Well, known problems with the zigbee binding on openhab using zigbee 3.0 devices, plenty of contacts (both Sonoff and Aqara) drop to “Offline” constantly. Also, on these contact devices, a different and limited amount of channels are available with the zigbee binding … but that’s OT.

Any hint with respect to the Lidl bulb connecting through zigbee2mqtt?

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