Lifx Multi Command

OK, complete noob here.

Just getting my feet wet with OpenHAB and trying to learn some of the basics.

Anyway, I have successfully setup and can control a Lifx Mini Colour Bulb. I did this using the text files for items & things.

I plan on using HABPanel in a final (is there such a thing) setup. I have managed to do all the basic functions, (on/off, colour, temp, brightness etc).

What I am trying to figure out is how to make an On/Off switch that also sets the colour temp to a predefined value. I already have the poweronbrightness set to 100. But say the light was RED when turned off, I would like to turn back on to a particular white temp.

I think it may have something to do with groups but can’t seem to wrap my head around grouping multiple things into a single action.

Any help to put me on the right path would be appreciated.


I would use a virtual switch item.

When turning this item to ON, you can trigger a rule that turns your light on with the color you want.

Or create a rile that gets triggert by the real switch item and change the color directly after the light turns on with the previous color.

A writeup of Christoph’s suggestion: