LifX Tile setup

Hi all!
I am a beginner in openHab but I am deeply impressed and am fond of it, this community helped me already with many of my questions.
I am currently setting up my home with a server and installing various devices, actually I am working on implementing my LIFX Tile light. The binding works very well, it recognizes and adds the light almost instantanely. However, it recognizes it as colorlight, giving only three channels. According to the documentation, tile is supported and should show as tilelight, with the possibility to change effects (my goal is to run flame effect without using the bulky lifx ios app).
Since the binding works standalone without giving me the option to insert new devices, as it gives the tile the colorglight attribute I can’t seem to edit the .things file or .items file . Am I correct? Is there any way to let it work as tilelight?
Thank your for your valuable opinion.
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Hi and welcome @Matthew1988 !

That is functionality that was recently added in 2.5.0 that will be released on December 15th. I think you’re using 2.4.0? At the top right corner of the documentation pages you can see and change the openHAB version for which the documentation is shown. In the mean time you can install the 2.5.0.M6 milestone release which is already very stable and has this functionality.

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Genius. Thank you very much, I obviously had overseen it. Working with 2.5.0 M2 actually, will update as soon as I come home. Thank you again, guess this will solve my problem!

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