LightwaveRF GEN1 binding test for OH3

Continuing the discussion from LightwaveRF - New LightwaveRF Binding:

Using Dave’s LightwaveRF binding for 2 years, just now moving from OH2.5 to OH3.1.
Activated the latest binding from org.openhab.binding.lightwaverf-3.2.0-SNAPSHOT_3.11.jar and having trouble swithing on/off GEN1 switch devices.

Testing this binding for a GEN1 LightwaveRF gateway (KaKU ICS1000), not using a cloud account.
Manually added with UI a brigde called ics1000 (GEN1 device) by IP

UID: lightwaverf:1bridge:ics1000
label: ics1000
thingTypeUID: lightwaverf:1bridge
location: MER

Manually added in UI a 1-way switch thing (GEN1) with parameters: room1, device 4.

UID: lightwaverf:1switch:ics1000:RoomLight
label: RoomLight
thingTypeUID: lightwaverf:1switch
  deviceid: "4"
  roomid: "1"
bridgeUID: lightwaverf:1bridge:ics1000
location: Beneden

Both bridge and thing show ONLINE. Manual netcat sending !R1D4F1 triggers the switch successfully.
Triggering the switch via OH thing: nothing happens. Log shows Queuing of the command: No OK message received.

2022-01-09 17:49:26.492 [INFO ] [dler.LightwaverfConnectSwitchHandler] - Sending Command:,!RDF1 from device:
2022-01-09 17:49:26.495 [INFO ] [tions.LightwaverfConnectSenderThread] - added command to queue: 210,!RDF1
2022-01-09 17:49:29.600 [INFO ] [dler.LightwaverfConnectSwitchHandler] - Sending Command:,!RDF0 from device:
2022-01-09 17:49:29.605 [INFO ] [tions.LightwaverfConnectSenderThread] - added command to queue: 211,!RDF0

I suspect the binding for GEN1 is not sending the roomID (1) and deviceID (4) parameters: Sending !RDF1 where the gateway would expect !R1D4F1. This behaviour seems identical to issue mentioned at #488 by [Lukasz_Szafraniec].

Did I miss to configure anything for communication with the Gateway?
Let me know if I need to run more tests or logging.

Best advice I got a while ago was to control the devices from an RfxCom. I find it much more reliable, especially with further away devices. I still have my hub doing a few dusk and dawn functions but I could easily move these to OpenHAB and ditch that bit of the system altogether.

Talking of reliability, more than half of my gen1 LightwaveRF devices have now failed, which is why I won’t be buying anything else from that company.

I’ve had no problems (yet) with switching/dimming my RF devices. It’s either getting this binding to work on OH3, scripting via an exec binding (needs some tweaking, since I’m running a Docker instance) or investing in new Zigbee wallplugs.

Glad to hear your devices are all still working. RfXCom could be a cheaper alternative to buying all new plugs (+ Zigbee hub). I use mine to control other 433MHz devices (in my case window blinds) so it’s use goes beyond just LightwaveRF.

I never got round to integrating gen 1. I started but didn’t have testers and I don’t have any gen1 kit. It doesn’t need loads of work, think I had a couple of devices working.