LightwaveRF not controlling

I don’t know if I’m missing something but I can’t get the LightwaveRF binding to control either switches or dimmers.

I think I have it set up correctly because I get updates on the UI if I operate the switches from my phone. When I look in the log, I get “command received” when I operate the switches on the UI but I’m seeing no network traffic in Wireshark and the devices don’t react.

When I look at the documentation, the types “switch” and “dimmer” are both “Read”. I am right that openHAB can control LightwaveRF devices aren’t I?

I don’t know LightwaveRF binding, but this behavior indicates to me that you do not have the binding configured correctly. You should see logging statements from the binding when you toggle the switches. The updates to the UI are independent from the binding so they are not an indicator that things are working correctly.


Do you have the newer LightwaveRF Link module, ie the smaller unit with only a single button and no display?

If so I have a similar issue, if you swap over the send and receive ports in the openhab.cfg file you should find that you can now control the LightwaveRF devices but if you manually switch a device outside of OpenHAB the GUI will not be updated.

I have posted another topic on this here :-

I have the old link module, however I have swapped the ports over and it works fine now. I never would have thought to check this so appreciate the help. Thanks

BTW sending switch messages from my phone still updates the UI. Obviously pressing switches on the devices themselves doesn’t update the UI because these generate no network traffic.


I’ve fixed this so you don’t have to swap the ports to get this to work. See here: