Linuxinput binding and mouse capture

As discussed with the binding creator @t-8ch in the old github page, I tried to configure with this binding a remote that works as a keyboard/mouse.
Some buttons are the right and left mouse click, so I ask him the possibility to capture also the mouse button.

As a workaround, until mouse buttons will be available, I’m using a bash script that use “evtest” to capture inputs and to send to an item these values, if anyone else is interested!


Link to the original ticket: could not find channel · Issue #5 · t-8ch/binding-linuxinput · GitHub

Fixed in [linuxinput] Handle all kinds of buttons by t-8ch · Pull Request #10730 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub

If you want I can upload a version of the binding with the fix applied.
Which version of OpenHAB are you using?

Amazing =)
I’m still using 2.5.9!

Here is a build for 2.5.12:
It should also work with 2.5.9.

Thank you very much for your work! Sadly my openhab JUST NOW has some problem and i can’t uninstall-reinstall bindings…

Probably because the addon repository for 2.5 has been shut down recently.
You should be able to directly put the .jar into the addons folder manually.