List HUE scenes - confused

I’m finally trying to use the scenes ability of the hue hub to simplify the setting of lights.

Looking through the binding page I see that I can list the scenes but I seem to be doing something wrong.

It is stated: " hue <groupThingUID> scenes" will show the scenes available on the hub.

So, I go to the console and I enter
" hue 001788264196 scenes" to which it replies: Bad thing id ‘001788264196’

I’ve added a group via PaperUI so I tried:
hue 5 scenes and I get the same reply. I’m running 2.5.8
How can I list the scenes for the hub or the group?

Have you tried setting up your groups via files?

You are not using the thing UID in your commands.

Use this command if you are not sure of your UID: smarthome:things list

Thanks, the listing shows:
hue:bridge:001788264196 (Type=Bridge, Status=ONLINE, Label=Hue Bridge, Bridge=null)

So i try the command but still no joy.

openhab> smarthome:hue 001788264196 scenes
Bad thing id '001788264196'
Usage: smarthome:hue <bridgeUID> username - show the user name
Usage: smarthome:hue <bridgeUID> scenes - list all the scenes with their id
Usage: smarthome:hue <groupThingUID> scenes - list all the scenes from this group with their id

Try with this command and it should work: smarthome:hue hue:bridge:001788264196 scenes
You have apparently a bad understanding of what is a thing/bridge UID.

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To help other who have issues with this. it’s one statement not two

openhab> hue hue:bridge:ecb5fa0dc4b9 scenes