List of Units in the UoM (Unit of Measurement)

List of Units

List of the unit available with the UoM (Unit of Measurement) types


Type Unit Symbol
Pressure Inch of Mercury inHg
Temperature Fahrenheit °F
Speed Miles per Hour mph
Length Inch in
Length Foot ft
Length Yard yd
Length Chain ch
Length Furlong fur
Length Mile mi
Length League lea


Type Unit Symbol
Acceleration Metre per square Second m/s²
Acceleration Standard Gravity ɡₙ
AmountOfSubstance Mole mol
AmountOfSubstance Deutscher Härtegrad °dH
Angle Radian rad
Angle Degree °
Angle Minute Angle
Angle Second Angle ‘’
Area Square Metre
ArealDensity Dobson Unit DU
CatalyticActivity Katal kat
DataAmount Bit bit
DataAmount Megabit Mbit
DataAmount Kilobit kbit
DataAmount Gigabit Gbit
DataAmount Terabit Tbit
DataAmount Byte B
DataAmount Octet o
DataAmount Kibioctet Kio
DataAmount Mebioctet Mio
DataAmount Gibioctet Gio
DataTransferRate Bit per Second bit/s
DataTransferRate Kilobit per Second kbit/s
DataTransferRate Megabit per Second Mbit/s
DataTransferRate Gigabit per Second Gbit/s
DataTransferRate Terabit per Second Tbit/s
Density Microgram per cubic Metre µg/m³
Density Kilogram per cubic Metre kg/m³
Dimensionless Percent %
Dimensionless Parts per Million ppm
Dimensionless Decibel dB
ElectricPotential Volt V
ElectricCapacitance Farad F
ElectricCharge Coulomb C
ElectricConductance Siemens S
ElectricCurrent Ampere A
ElectricInductance Henry H
ElectricResistance Ohm Ω
Energy Joule J
Energy Watt Second Ws
Energy Watt Hour Wh
Energy Kilowatt Hour kWh
Energy Megawatt Hour MWh
Energy Kilovar Hour kvarh
Force Newton N
Frequency Hertz Hz
Illuminance Lux lx
Intensity Irradiance W/m²
Intensity Microwatt per square Centimeter µW/cm²
Length Metre m
Length Kilometre km
LuminousFlux Lumen lm
LuminousIntensity Candela cd
MagneticFlux Weber Wb
MagneticFluxDensity Tesla T
Mass Kilogram kg
Mass Gram g
Power Watt W
Power Kilovar kvar
Power Decibel-Milliwatts dBm
Pressure Pascal Pa
Pressure Hectopascal hPa
Pressure Millimetre of Mercury mmHg
Pressure Bar bar
Pressure Millibar mbar
Radioactivity Becquerel Bq
RadiationDoseAbsorbed Gray Gy
RadiationDoseEffective Sievert Sv
SolidAngle Steradian sr
Speed Metre per Second m/s
Speed Millimetre per Hour mm/h
Speed Kilometre per Hour km/h
Speed Knot kn
Temperature Kelvin K
Temperature Celsius °C
Time Second s
Time Minute min
Time Hour h
Time Day d
Time Week week
Time Year year
Volume Litre l
Volume Cubic metre
VolumetricFlowRate Litre per Minute l/min
VolumetricFlowRate Cubic Metre per Second m³/s
VolumetricFlowRate Cubic Metre per Minute m³/min
VolumetricFlowRate Cubic Metre per Hour m³/h
VolumetricFlowRate Cubic Metre per Day m³/d


Name Symbol Value
Yotta Y 10²⁴
Zetta Z 10²¹
Exa E 10¹⁸
Peta P 10¹⁵
Tera T 10¹²
Giga G 10⁹
Mega M 10⁶
Kilo k 10³
Hecto h 10²
Deca da 10
Deci d 10⁻¹
Centi c 10⁻²
Milli m 10⁻³
Micro µ 10⁻⁶
Nano n 10⁻⁹
Pico p 10⁻¹²
Femto f 10⁻¹⁵
Atto a 10⁻¹⁸
Zepto z 10⁻²¹
Yocto y 10⁻²⁴

To use the prefixes simply add the prefix to the unit symbol (Above).

  • milliAmpere - mA
  • centiMetre - cm
  • kiloWatt - kW

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And Power should be comprensive of VA for apparent power and VAR for reactive power. W is only for the actual active Power

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Late update … it seems the year Time unit is year not y