Livisi -> openHAB -> HomeKit

I just came across openHAB a few days ago and now I am trying to migrate an existing LIVISI (Innogy) setup to openHAB in order to control it with HomeKit.

First of all I wanted to start out with two equipment types: window contacts and thermostats. After some trial and error the window contacts show up in HomeKit and work as expected.

I would like to ask for help with my thermostats. Something is not setup correctly in my setup after following this excellent thread:

Here is my setup:

Maybe @yfre or @nohi79 have some advice?

Thank you!

Just my personal opinion - please be not discouraged:

  • openHAB it’s great, but not the best option for HomeKit integration
  • if you want to use openHABs capabilities and want to use HomeKit as User Interface than openHAB + Homebridge with the steilerDev/homebridge-openhab2-complete works quite well (also compatible with openHAB 3)
  • if you are only interested in making your devices available via HomeKit than you might skip openHAB completely and check if Homebridge fulfills your needs
  • the native openHAB HomeKit Binding was, the last few times I tried it, simply not very reliable…

Hi Felix,

you have selected the most complex homekit accessory - thermostat to start with.

what is exactly is not working.
do you see Thermostat in the home app? or is it there but you cannot control your thermostat?

the configuration looks ok, but you need some values for current and target mode. home app has a list of predefined modes: OFF, HEAT, COOL, AUTO and it expects openHAB to send one of these values.

does your rst thermostat have something like different modes?

if not, try following:

  • limit the modes to AUTO. as described in the thread you reference to, but instead OFF and HEATING just leave AUTO:AUTO
  • if you have access to karaf console, set the value using send commend. looks like this.

@fex If I do not get it to work, I will try your solution. As far as I know the Livisi Setup is not supported by Homebridge. Therefore the route would be Livisi → openHAB → Homebrigde → HomeKit.

I am not sure if I want to take this path, but thank you for the possible solution!

The thermostats do not have different modes, they just have current and target temperature. I followed your advice in this Post (Homekit thermostats | Remove unneeded modes) and set up two string items for current and target mode.

If I understand correctly, this command will set the respective variable “workTargetThermostatMode” to “AUTO” and it therefore can be forwarded to HomeKit.

I will try this with my two variables and see how far I can get! Thank you, Eugen!

This did do the trick. Now all my sensors work with open hab and HomeKit.

Thanks you for all the good advice!

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