LocalTime - not showing in Sitemap (Basic UI @OH3)

hm, next blocker…

moving from OH2.5.12 to OH3 with a “from scratch” approach and a simple datetime item (from NTP binding) is not shown anymore. tried many things like different ways to define in sitemap (default, text) but nothing is coming…

Any idea what again is not set as it should…THANKS

In OH2.5 it looked like this:

In OH3 it looks like that:

now the item looks OK and presents the date/time:

The Sitemap definition part is here:

Text item=LocalTime_Date icon="calendar"

Any idea why its not presented at all? Kind Regards Norbert

Maybe this will work:

Text item=LocalTime_Date label=“Date [%s]” icon=“calendar”

I went from OH2.5 to OH3 and haven’t used the sitemap since. The new UI is better.

OK. thanks.
also for the information about the new UI. BUT will the new UI help with the mobile APP as well. my current idea is that the new UI only relates to Browser based UI interaction, right?

it works…but does not look very readable anymore. Is there a way to transform it to the old way?
Interesting as with OH2.5 it was just that way “date | time”…never did any transformation in between


btw…what do you mean by new UI…the HabPanel

Wrong. It works a treat on the phone.
Heaps better than the basic UI.
You can do cool things like this:

OK, but is this then phone browser (Safari,…) or still the mobile APP (which i guess requre sitemaps…)

  • is this HabPanel?

btw… just found the details of transformation, seems to have changed with OH3

Never used HABpanel so no it is not.

Search for adding metadata to the date item you created to format the date.
I have to go out now.

Go to the item you created.
Click add metadata
Click state description.

Put this in the state description.

%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM:%1tS

Then is will look like this.

  • 2021-06-11 11:00:21

thanks…I changed the sitemap entry itself which i guess does the same thing just a level later…

@UI as i will not stay with BasicUI if this is “old school”. You’re not using any specific UI, its simply main UI for the new OH3…as for me right now it looks more like an improved PaperUI

Yes I just use the main ui.
The phone app has options to start in the new ui or the site map. You can switch between both as well.

oh that sounds cool. just tried it out with iOS app and it seems that here still only Sitemaps are supported…at least i do not see any switching posibility. My feeling is that Android app is more “future” and advanced than the iOS one…

Just use a browser on the phone and it will be just like the app.
Create a web shortcut on the phone desktop.
I used to do that before and it works well.

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