Log viewer habpanel?

Hi everyone

How do you add a log viewer too habpanel I have seen it done in a example

That looks like the log viewer just embedded as an iframe.

You need to install frontail

I have installed frontail already, can you tell us, how you can implement this into a habpanel widget?

Simply make a webview widget and enter the frontail url into this?

Create a frame widget and point to frontail:


Is there a guide for install on windows my OH runs on a Windows machine

So it install and setup frontail and then setup a frame in habpanel and point it to frontai

Windows!!?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I haven’t used windows in years now but after a bit of googling:

You will need to install node.js with npm:


Then go to:

after setup frontail should be available at localhost:9001

I already had a Windows machine that is running 24/7 for other network jobs so it seemed like a good thing to do

I’m planning on migrating to a RPU soon

openhabian can install frontail for you also

Try this: No Frontail, PHP or any other installation: Log viewer for HabPanel or directly in any browser - Without PHP, frontail or any additionals installations

What’ s the difference to a URL Widget?

I cant get this to work. Get no result in the widget… Weird! I even tried with direct IP and localhost.
EDIT - http://IP:9001 works fine from a browser.