LogicSoft ZHC5010 Z-Wave switch not recognized in OpenHab

So far the zhc5010 is only supported for firmware version 1.03 and below in OpenHAB 2.0.0 but if you try the nighty build if will work.

@chris I think we can delete the lower version of the configuration for zhc5010 and just go with the version above 1.04 and make it work for all versions.

The two devices seem to have quite different parameters. Are you saying that the 1.3 version is wrong and it should be the same as 1.4 (ie all the parameters are the same between the two versions?).

If this is the case I’m just wondering why someone added the extra version - I thought it was because they were different?

I was the one who added it - beginners mistake - sorry. But the 1.3 version was incomplete, and I was afraid to mess it up as this was the first time I tried to configure a device.

Ok - that’s fine then. I’ll deprecate the old version (it won’t be deleted, so we can always restore it if needed).


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I guess we want to completely remove all version restrictions right?

Yes - is it something I should do?

If you like that would be appreciated - just change the minimum version to 0.


Done - do you know when it will be part of the nightly build?

Thanks. I’ll try and do an update tonight.

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I’m running openHAB 2.1 and I have some trouble getting this Fuga ZH5010 to work properly.

I end up in one of two problems all the time: Either the Fuga sets all four switches in openHAB to ON, regardless of which one i press. Or I end up getting no values from the Fuga, while I am able to set the switches from openHAB.

Could someone please share:

  • Screenshot of the Configuration Parameters section for the Fuga “thing” in HABmin
  • Screenshot of the Association Groups section for the Fuga “thing” in HABmin
  • Screenshot of items file and/or channel associations.

Have you tried this LogicSoft ZHC5010 Z-Wave switch not recognized in OpenHab

Yes Thomas, I have tried that solution, but it gives me weird behaviour. It is very hard to understand what state the different physical items are in.

Preferably I would like the following items in openHab:

  • Five Switches 0-4 which indicate the state of the relay and the four buttons.
  • Four Switches 1-4 which indicate the state of the LED at the four buttons.
  • Four Dimmers 1-4 which indicate the strength of the LED at the four buttons.

Is this possible through openHAB?

Hi - I have only been able to make the buttons work as event trickers, to give feedback to the buttons to make the LED represent the state of OH Switch is a pain and I have tried a lot of work arounds. As I can see it, you can only controle the LEDs from the HABmin interface. I think it would need this kind of support Things/items config files in OH2 but I don’t think if it has been implemented yet…

Please raise an issue on the zwave issue list to add support for the indicator class and I’ll look at adding a converter to allow this to be linked to items.

I don’t think it’s related to thing definition - only items. That said, things can be defined int text files if you use the development version.

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I am a bit uncertain where that list is?

Right here


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Done https://github.com/openhab/org.openhab.binding.zwave/issues/690


So, the issue above (created on Github by Thomas) is about the Indicator class, and the ability to set the ZHC5010’s LEDs like switches.

How about the original issue with the physical buttons? For me, the problem persists, that no matter which physical button I press, it is always the Button 0 that is switched in openHAB. I believe that is because the association groups are not properly set for the physical buttons (1-4), and thus always the relay button 0 is receiving the command.

The other way around, there is no problem. Setting switch 1-4 on/off via openHAB triggers the correct button on the physical device. Therefore I suspect that setting the association groups via HABmin, is not setting the multichannel association correctly, which is needed.

I have now got the Fuga module working, so that I can sync the state between buttons nicely with openHAB. The solution how to solve the multichannel associations is described in my post here: