Looking for a Bachelor Thesis Topic

Hello All,

I am an infomatics student at the Hochschule Darmstadt and am hugely interested in the area of IoT. I have experimented with raspberry pi/arduino to build many sensors and understand many things. I have been following the OpenHAB & eclipse smarthome thread a lot and have used both of them to build small prototypes. I would like to do my bachelor thesis in the context of smarthome using OpenHAB/eclipse smart framework. I was hoping i could get some pointers from the community here. I guess this might be off topic and might be a little too abstract but i was thinking of working on OpenHAB for my thesis so was looking for some ideas. So, i would appreciate any pointers or any suggestions.

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I guess @Kai would be a good contact person to diskuss what topic could benefit openHAB.

From a selfish perspective, I would suggest to develop a new binding for openHAB. :blush:

Maybe Rademacher would even support this, as a german company.

@AdHa – My general advise would be to pick a topic you are passionate about, and an area you could see yourself working in in the future.
If this happens to be OH and IoT so be it.
In case the FH Darmstadt still has the same good reputation it had a few decades ago, then the thesis can’t be lame one. :slight_smile:

@christoph_wempe’s idea is certainly one I would follow…

Yes, I can see describing the framework, building a solution on a rPi, building a nifty sensor, have it talk MQTT, and even write a new binding for the OH community would be great… again @Kai can certainly provide pointers what would be a good project to tackle.

I am sure you are aware that the thesis has to tackle a degree of difficulty showcasing your learning, either in architecting, developing, or using a strategy, or a technical solution, starting out with a relevant problem, demonstrating adequate research and citation of the relevant literature, culminating in your solution and conclusion.
I keep my fingers crossed for you – this could be a nifty thesis.

One questions: is the bachelor and thesis equivalent to what was known as “Diplomarbeit” resulting in Diplomingenieur?

All the best!

Hi @Max_G,

Thanks for the suggestions. I have (during my internship) researched and designed methodology to control window blinds accurately and efficiently and i concluded that i should be using an encoder/lidar. So, i have some experience (so to say) with the hardware side of it. I would now like to focus on the software side of the smarthome area (specifically OH/eclipse smart framework). My initially idea was to do a binding for this device (window blinds), but i am wondering if i should pick a different set of device which are more difficult so that my thesis has a degree of difficult as you mentioned. But i would like to focus on an aspect which would also help the OH/ESH community since i am interested in this area.

My thesis duration is 10 weeks and it is not a “Diplomarbeit” but a Bachelor of Science Thesis (Informatik).


You could also touch on the ‘politics’ of open systems interfacing to proprietary products, and how this enthusiast led activity fits into a commercial world.

Hi Adel,

Can you choose the topic fully yourself or does your supervisor have any ideas himself?
By when do you need to decide for a topic? In case you still have time we could meet at http://www.jug-da.de/2017/04/openHAB-2/ and discuss ideas. If it is more urgent, we can also arrange a call, though my schedule is a bit tight.


Hi @Kai,

I am currently doing an internship, generally at the University they expect that my Bachelor thesis should be a continuation of the topic that i have worked on in the internship. But it is not mandatory and they are flexible with the topic. I have to submit the outline of my thesis by April 21st. So, waiting until the OpenHAB event in Darmstadt might not be the best idea for me.

I would be grateful if we could arrange a call sooner and at a time which fits to your schedule. Do let me know when we can have a call.