Rademacher DuoFern?

I am thinking about buying a roller shutter from Rademacher.

This device uses a proprietary radio technique called DuoFern.

I could not find anything about integrating this with openhab.

But it looks like the “competition” at FHEM found a way.
There is a binding (or whatever its called in FHEM) that uses the Rademacher DuoFern USB-Stick 9495-UW (~80€) from Rademacher on a Raspberry Pi.

Here is the source code:

Anybody interested in starting to develop a binding for this?
Unfortunatelly, I am not a coder.

I created an issue for this.

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I would also be a interrested user for a Rademacher Binding :wink: But sorry, I can’t program it.
If you did not yet buy the roller shutters, you would have the option to go for Somfy.

I need a belt take-up reel (? german: “Gurtwickler”).
Looks like there is none from Somfy.

My (first) Rollotron arrived today.

I will try to controll it with an Arduino.
Kind of like this guy does it: https://alex-witkowski.blogspot.de/2012/05/rollotron-9300-goes-homematic.html

A dedicated binding would be much better of cause. :slight_smile:

Ah, ok. Sure you can control the switches via an Arduino, But then every other “Gurtwickler” would have worked also.
What do you want to run on the Arduino? MQTT, Souliss, or something else?
I have integrated roller motors which are controlled only by RF.
The only other option would be to use am original Rademacher actuator and control it from some OH hardware, so maybe the Raspi which runs as server. But thats again another 40€:

I choose Rademacher, because a friend told me the cheap ones would be very loud and low quality.
And because I have hope, somebody will develop a real binding someday. :pray:

But your tip with the “DuoFern Funksender UP” is very good. :thumbsup:
I won’t have to modify the expensive RolloTrons, and it would look much better at the windows without the modifications. :slight_smile:
And I can control many of them (in two groups) with one Arduino.


Just for the records:
I’d also need a binding for Rademacher rollershutter. I managed to control the old ones (Rollotron), but didn’t manage to get thr new Duofern models. And I have no desire to spend approx. € 300.- for the homepilot which would be another Smart Home central in my home…

FHEM has solved this issue already, but the community there is unacceptable…


I thought about it again and came up with a (hopefully) better solution.

I will by the USB stick, configure a simple FHEM setup and connect FHEM via MQTT to openHAB.

  • cheaper than buying four Rademacher actuators
  • no soldering or wiring needed
  • I don’t have to modify any hardware
  • maybe it will support more features than the single actuator (e.g. position)

I just hope it won’t be too difficult to difficult to setup FHEM. :wink:

This may be a feasable soloution, but it is not straight forward.
I would prefer a direct soulution inside openhab instead of a dependency on a second interface.
But keep us posted with your results!

Just to be clear:
I really would love a dedicated DuoFern binding.

In case any developer is interested, but does not have the hardware to test, I would consider shipping a pair of test devices (USB stick and belt winder).
Properly limited to Germany. :wink:

I have not installed anything, yet.

Using Fhem as a gateway was actually not that difficult and seems to work very well. :sunglasses:

I will make a Tutorial in the next days. :mortar_board:

Here it is:

EDIT: In case it was unclear: This is the best (and not so shabby) solution, so far!


Hi Christoph,
I am also interested in an OH binding for Rademacher DuoFern. I own a Homepilot together with a 9495-UW USB stick for my Rademacher RolloTube DuoFern tubular motors. I contacted Rademacher, but they are not interested in any kind of cooperation.

Currently I am controlling my rollershutters via http-requests sent from OH2 to my homepilot, which is definitely not the best solution.

Are you sure that just the USB stick can be controlled by other hardware and does not need a homepilot? If so, I would have a look into the sources you linked and try to find out if I can help.


I only own a belt winder.
For a full list of compatible devices you should ask in the Fhem forum.

But the Fhem module seems to support MANY devices and the usb stick should support all devices, because it is officially from Rademacher and can be connected to the Homepilot, as far as I know.

I had a look into the source code you linked. But there’s almost no documentation and it’s too many lines of code to analyze it along the way. Sorry, but can’t help.

Has there been a solution meanwhile?

Are there any “Aufputz” belt winder (what the hack is the English word for that??) that are currently supported by some common SmartHome System that works with OpenHab?


Hi Dave,

it looks like. not :disappointed_relieved:
Installing FHEM when I want to run Openhab, this is only a workaround and not a solution.
I also would be happy if we could come to a Rademacher binding at some point in time.

Somfy has a binding, but they have no belt winders :frowning:
The only thing you could do is to use any wired belt winder and control it with a separate switch via Zwave or other protocol.

I had the same problem.
I have 5 rollofron confort Duofern that I wanted to integrate with Homeseer.
The software solution is very complex for me and therefore I preferred a hardware approach.
I bought a Duofern Standard Manual Transmitter (6 channels / groups) and hacked it
I basically connected the transmitter keyboard lines to the relay outputs of an arduino that is controlled by Homesser. So now I’m able to control the rollotron units locally, by PC, by mobile phone and by echo dot, using IFTTT
It is a laborious solution but I have not found a simpler one and it is working very well … :grinning:

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Respect, @Antonio_Jose, I often searched how to integrate Duofern, but never came across the idea to hack the remote control. Really nice idea.