Looking for a home automation solution for a community of rental houses

Is anyone aware of a solution or has built something with OpenHAB that can support a few hundred rental houses with full home automation and give access to each individual renter while having the multiple layers of rights and management from the super admin level down the the user level. We are looking to either build/partner/buy a solution like this and figured I asked here if someone was aware of this as we need a custom branded solution and not something just off the shelf.

I know of such things.

It all depends on your budget as to which is the best road to go down.

Likewise, what is the digital infrastructure of these units? (As that will greatly affect your options)

Do you need a management dashboard? Or do you just want to deploy multi copies of the same configuration?



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I am looking for a solution similar to https://www.pointcentral.com/ but that is a totally closed system so we are looking for something that we can add other things to the community application like paying for rent and other community expenses. This is obviously a custom solution but looking to not start from scratch.

Sandy Fliderman

Hey Sandy,
I am not aware of anyone who built something like that but I know someone who is doing this right now. @george.erhan did few presentations during Smart Home Day on large scale deployments - in office and regular buildings.
There are few challenges in OH as well and “backend” side to handle scenario you outlined. Clearly vanilla openhab is not sufficient and requires some polishing. Amount of actual work depends on specific needs.



There are certainly ready-made solutions out there, or solutions with components you can add to suit your needs.

openHAB2 is a solution, depending on what you want to turn it into or what extras you are planning on creating / adding in.

Again, you are restricted on each platform by the choice of digital infrastructure that you choose to install into the properties. (assuming you are starting from a blank canvas and can dictate the specifications for the properties, if you are retro-fitting a software solution into existing buildings, then your choice may be even narrower.)

I’m happy to engage with you if you want a sounding board or a commercial partner.