Looking for android developers for discussion

Hi there,
I am looking for android developers, who know if this would technical be possible to implement in an android App:


The big issue I see with this approach is the requires both a need binding and another app to run on the phone. It seems to me the same functionality could be accomplished by using Tasker or IFTTT too set a switch in OH when the device joins the wifi network. With Tasker, you don’t even need to join the network, just be in range of it.

Hi rikoshak,
Thank you for your tipp, but I want to develop a solution for OH itself, because I think detecting the phone presence is a very common problem. I am a software developer, but I have not enough know how in development of phone apps, so thats the reason why I’am searching a developer for android in this thread. If you have an idea, how the feature could be implemented easier than in my approach, please post it in my original thread in the bindings area.

If it gets implemented anywhere it will be in the openHAB Android app. Like I said before, there is no need for a separate binding.

Also, the Network binding works just fine for Androids. It is only iPhones that it has problems with.

I recommend filling a feature request on the phone app GitHub repos.