Looking for energy management system testers

I’ve developed a commercial energy management system based on openHAB that essentially can operate the major electric consumers in a household with excess power from a solar plant.

Planning to extend it to become compatible to more pv inverter models, I’m looking for volunteers to own any such “new” inverter that is willing to install my EMS on their site and
help with development by testing it with their PV equipment.
For the most part your part will be to test and validate modbus (or proprietary in some cases) binding communications to the inverter. So if you already have your OH configured to talk to and also even have admin access to your pv inverter (yeah, German regulatory madness …) , it’s you I’m looking for.
Preferrably you have a battery, too, and eventually an EV as that’s a prime consumer to also test car communications against, but any OH-connected ON-OFF-controllable consumer will mostly do.
You will be rewarded with a free EMS copy for your efforts. And subsequent energy cost savings :wink:

See this thread for some more details. The EMS is on sale, for general information see https://storm.house/energiemanagement-system/ (German only, use a translator).
Thank you.

Anybody with a Fronius or SolarEdge inverter interested ? Let me know the model if you have anything else.
Ideally you also have a battery.
The system is built to run standalone so you would need a spare RPi.
That way your existing OH installation isn’t at risk in any way.

I have Fronius Fronius Symo 4.5-3-S, so maybe can do some tests for you :wink:
I also have:

  • energy meter which shows me if I am currently using “my own” energy or the energy delivered by power plant,
  • electric heater for hot water connected via Shelly.
    My idea was to switch on the hot water heater when the production is bigger than current auto-consumption.
    I don’t have it ready yet, so maybe your solution is good for it :wink:

But please take into account that I don’t have a lot of free time so I won’t be able to spend too much time on detailed testing.

If this is OK for you, we can try :wink: