Looking for energy management system testers

I’ve developed a commercial energy management system based on openHAB that essentially can operate the major electric consumers in a household with excess power from a solar plant.

Planning to extend it to become compatible to more pv inverter models, I’m looking for volunteers to own any such “new” inverter that is willing to install my EMS on their site and
help with development by testing it with their PV equipment.
So if you already have your OH configured to talk to and also even have admin access to your pv inverter (yeah, German regulatory madness …) , it’s you I’m looking for.
Preferrably you have a battery, too, and eventually an EV as that’s a prime consumer to also test car communications against, but those are not prerequisites.
You will be rewarded with a free EMS copy for your efforts. And subsequent energy cost savings :wink:

See this thread for some more details. The EMS is on sale, for general information see Energie Managen: Effektiv & Flexibel » Storm.house (German only, use a translator).
Thank you.

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Anybody with a Fronius or SolarEdge inverter interested ? Or if you have anything else let me know the model. Best when you also have a battery but not mandatory.
The system is built to run standalone so you would need a spare RPi.
That way your existing OH installation isn’t at risk in any way.

I have Fronius Fronius Symo 4.5-3-S, so maybe can do some tests for you :wink:
I also have:

  • energy meter which shows me if I am currently using “my own” energy or the energy delivered by power plant,
  • electric heater for hot water connected via Shelly.
    My idea was to switch on the hot water heater when the production is bigger than current auto-consumption.
    I don’t have it ready yet, so maybe your solution is good for it :wink:

But please take into account that I don’t have a lot of free time so I won’t be able to spend too much time on detailed testing.

If this is OK for you, we can try :wink:

I am precisely looking at developing such an EMS, preferably around OpenHAB as it is the home automation system that I have in place. I am in no hurry as I still have the old rotating disc meter and so self-consumption is not critical for now. Nevertheless, I intend to optimise the use of my PV.
No home batteries but thermodynamic water heater and an electric car, plus the many appliances that could run when energy is available.
My inverter is SolarEdge and is already integrated within OpenHAB. I also built my own electricity monitoring system and it is very similar to emonTX and fully integrated in OpenHAB as well.
If there is still anything you need me to test, I am more than interested to help.

Thanks for offering, albeit Alpha ain’t a popular vendor so I don’t think is of much benefit to me.
Feel free to download my demo and manually configure it for your inverter.

Maybe my setup is interesting:

PV (5.6kWp)
SMA Inverter Tripower 5.0
SMA SunnyBoyStorage 3.7
LG Resu 10M Battery (9.6kWh)
SMA Home Manager 2.0
Wallbox openWB

The SMA and LG devices are already connected by Modbus to openHAB.

I have a Sofar Solar HYD 5000 EP with 2 GTX5000 batteries.

Because I don’t wanted to have another pi for modbus, I bought a modbus server which is fully configured, but not yet installed :grin: . For now I’m getting the data from the cloud service.

Yes still looking for a SolarEdge owner. (anyone else? also looking for a battery to test against)
Did you receive my msg ? Please install the demo (https://storm.house/installation#demo) on a spare Raspi and get back to me via PM - thanks.

Still looking for anyone to own either of these.
Having a battery is key. (Fronius without one is already working so no point in that).

Still looking for somone with Fronius?
Inverter: Fronius Symo Gen24 8.0
EV: planned next year
Openhab vers. 3.3.0

Yes please. Can you download and install the demo from https://storm.house/installation#demo on a RPi then get back to me via PM ?

Any SolarEdge battery owners interested ?

Are you still looking for some testers?

I build this kind of carport, that has integrated inverter (I’m leaning toward Solax) and Warp charger from tinkerforge. All grid tied, no battery. Maybe I can use your solution manage the charge power to just solar

How did you integrate it with EVCC?

No, only for SolarEdge owners. Solax is already implemented.
But you can purchase the system.
It should do without, but if I were you I’d get at least a small battery though, that will boost efficiency a lot.

HTTP. Hard, tedious foot works :smirk:

Hello, good afternoon.
If you are still looking for someone with a Fronius, I have a 4KW Fronius Primo.
I am controlling the surpluses with OH and shelly and I spend them with an electric water heater and an electric stove in the dining room.
The total installation is 4.6KW, I don’t have a battery and I have a smartmeter.
If you’re interested, we’ll talk and I’ll try to install another rpi.

Thanks but no because Fronius is fully implemented in the EMS (albeit based on a Symo Gen 24).
You could install the demo and let me know if it also works for your model.

Ok, I’m going to get another RPI and I’m going to try it.
Can it work in parallel with my OH? or do I have to unlink the fronius from my OH?

should do in parallel

I’m operating a SolarEdge Inverter (SE 5000H) with a 6.9 KWpeak solar system. Are you still interessed in doing some tests?

Given you just joined the community and don’t seem to have experience in running OH, forgive me but I doubt there would be much benefit in doing that. Do you have a battery ?