Looking for high quality outdoor sensor


i am looking for a good outdoor sensor (temperature is a must have, humidity would be nice to have).

I want a reliable device (correct readings, high life span, water protection). It doesnt have to be cheap. It will be installed in a (kind of) greenhouse, temperature range is roughly -30 to +50 celsius. It is proteced from rain, but can get wet due to condensation or leaks in the roof. And it should work well with OH3 :wink:
I have a power outlet and WiFi there, im not sure if zwave or zigbee is avaiable at that spot.

What manufacturers or devices should i look into for that kind of device? I found alot sensors, but none with sufficient enviromental protection (IPxx or similar). I am not a fan of DIY here, as DIY devices tend to have a soft spot in regards of longterm protection from water and “extreme” temperatures.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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I couldn’t find one, so built my own with a cheap USB-powered ESP8266 board I flashed with Tasmota, waterproof DS18B20 temperature sensor, and IP66 case - sends temperatures to MQTT which openhab then picks up. Probably £30 of parts altogether, and a day of time to learn how to do it (but now it takes perhaps an hour for each one). Has lasted a couple of years; so reasonably happy with reliability.

You could also make a battery powered version using Tasmota’s sleep mode, but wasn’t something I needed to do.


Reports motion, temperature (although it is not mentionend in the manual) and luminance.

Values can be obtained via Hue bridge or Zigbee (Zigbee2MQTT).

It’s a shame you aren’t looking for more items, as the #velbus weather station or outdoor PIR could have worked nicely for you.

the Weather station can be configured as a thermostat if you need it too.

(It has 8 programmable states, all capable of combinations of thresholds for all four sensors.)

The Outdoor PIR is mainly used for Movement (standard and light based), but openHAB can also see an arbitrary light level (not LUX as such, just a value) and temperature.
A rule or two in openHAB could do wonders with it.

More information on the openHAB Velbus binding is here

I wasn’t aware that Philips outdoor sensor measures temperature too, thanks! Why is it only advertised as a motion sensor though? Is the temperature sensor not good enough to be mentioned or something like that?


KNX weather station, e.g. from Elsner or MDT?