Luminea WLAN-Controller with OH2

Hello everybody

I have the following LED controller at home and try in vain to rain this somehow in my OH2.

With the own app “SmartLife” I can easily connect the controller.
This says, the IP of the controller is
In the settings of my router, I find the controller also not as a local device.

I hope you can help me and thank you already.

Can nobody help me?


I am new here and also searching for some GU10 RGB bullets which work with openHab.
I found this Topic where someone posted a script which should work with “Tuya” bulbs.

And as far as i found out those bulbs work with Tuya/SmartLife app like those you posted?
Maybe you can try this one?
Would be nice to get some feedback as i also plan to buy some of those bulbs :wink: