Lutron RadioRa2

Anybody working on RadioRa2 bindings for Openhab?

I’m probably not skilled enough but I’d love to have Radio RA2 support. Dimmers, switches, blinds, remotes…

yes, would be fantastic. For the moment could we just use a java script to call the RadioRA2 telnet server?

If anyone is using OH2, I would love to get feedback on an OH2 Lutron binding Lutron OH2 binding.

brilliant - many thanks for doing this. I won’t be trying OH2 until it gets a bit more stable, but when I do will be sure to report back.

I’ve got radiora2. But I have some weird devices like Grafik Eye QSs with fan controls. I don’t have time in the next week or so. But I’ll give it a shot after that and report back.