Mail Actions

This block library allows sending mails through the mail Thing Actions.
You need the mail binding and a properly configured smtp server Thing.



The library has two blocks for sending mail messages.
One block is for sending messages without attachments, the second block allows sending mails with one or more attachments.

Mail can be sent as text or html. Selection is through the dropdown box.
The server has the be the smtp server Thing configured in the mail binding.

It is possible to send mail with a single attachment or multiple attachments.
By default, the block offers the possibility to configure the URL for one attachment.
To send multiple attachments, provided text block needs to be replaced by a list block with multiple text blocks, each containing the URL for an attachment, as illustrated below.

The mail binding supports setting headers on all mails sent from the server onwards. A block to set a header is available. The header should be set before sending a mail. Removing a header from all subsequent mails can be done by setting the header to an empty string.


Version 0.2

  • added block to set header

Version 0.1

  • initial release



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A block to set mail headers was just added. This can be useful to group mails in mail clients.